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Import trust service

Your enterpries don’t  have international trade experience to be able to carry out importation of goods.

For example, with newly established enterprises, staffs are not used to doing export or import, or do not know how to communicate and negotiate with foreign leading sellers. At that time, using an experienced import service operator is a safe solution, at least for the first shipment.

Individuals who do not have legal entity status, should not sign contracts with partners are foreign enterprises. If you want to import goods, you can sign a contract of entrustment for HLS company to carry out the import.

Here are the steps you will take when you want to authorize importation through HLS company.

1. Check whether the goods are banned from import or suspended from importation. If you belong to this, then you do not have to take the authorization to do anything, your goods are not allowed to import into Vietnam.

2. Does the product require a permit? If  any,  the company is authorized or authorized to apply for this permit. This should be arranged as soon as possible, do not leave the new port to do it is late.

3. When having the set of goods documents, the entrusted party shall carry out customs procedures for importation according to the current regulations.

Responsibilities of the trustee:

• Negotiating and signing foreign trade contracts with foreign sellers

• Make necessary formalities to import goods• Pay for foreign sellers

• Declaration and payment of taxes: import tax, VAT … for imported goods

• Maintaining import-export documents: contract, commercial invoice, packing slip …

• Return the imported goods to the trustee, together with the VAT invoice for the imported goods (besides VAT invoices for the import entrustment service).

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